It wasn’t an April fools day joke like I hoped it would be. COVID19 is still here and it is affecting a lot of small business, especially in the fitness industry.

Part of my business has changed, and that’s the in person strength training sessions. I miss working with people in person but I’m also grateful for the technology we have today that allows us to video chat. Thank you Zoom, Facetime, WhatsApp and all of the other resources out there keeping everyone connected.

The other part of my business remains the same, the Online Running Coaching. I provide people with a personalized plan to reach their running goals. These plans also include detailed strength training workouts they can do on their own. With races canceled and gyms closed, people are getting back to the basics when it comes to fitness. Even the New York Times dubbed this as a running boom.

I’m currently working on expanding my Online Running Programs. These are premade plans you can download to help you run a certain distance from a 5K to a Marathon. They also include video workouts that can be done from home with minimal equipment. Strength training is an important key to successful running. Think of it as a tool that all the pros use, so you should include it in your fitness routine as well!

Even during these uncertain times I’m excited about the ability to reach many of you through the internet. Home workouts can be a lot of fun when you are part of a LIVE virtual workout. Try one of mine out! I want to give you a mental break from your day as well as a chance to sweat and stay strong while being at home. IF you can’t make a LIVE workout you can use my recorded sessions on YouTube.

I’ll keep the updates coming and hope to be able to provide fun workouts and motivation to keep you moving. Exercise is a great way to release stress and enjoy a surge of endorphines and I think we could all use a little more of that these days.